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Hey everyone! finally i got my website to function, in here you can download various sets and also a press kit that contains the most relevant info about my career as a DJ and  producer.


Diego Figari (DiF// Dumbnoise) is a young audio engineer originally from Lima, Peru who has been shaking up the Spanish electronic music scene, involving the crowd in deep hypnotic journeys with his own unique blend of Minimal Tech-House/Techno for years now. 

Currently located at the center of Barcelona, city that saw the birth of numerous of Diego's projects, his record label group being one of the most relevant ones (Raised Music, Greener and Grhk) in which he manages and works with top artists like Stewart Walker, Franco Cinelli, Metalogic , Joachim Speith and Gummhiz just to name a few. 

Just before Diego got caught up being a label group owner and manager he was first introduced to the Spanish scene forming part of the Renowned ¨Soundworks¨ music collective in Barcelona, it was this that gave Diego the chance to express his skills and taste in music, both as a Dj and as a composer/producer. 

As the years went by Diego had the chance to play in the most important clubs in spain and this was how he met his new partner in crime, his co-producer David Caro. Together David and Diego are responsible for the work behind ¨Dumbnoise¨ an alter ego created by Diego in which he explores new possibilities on the stage and in the studio.¨Dumbnoise¨ is well known in Barcelona for providing a very dynamic Live act which is developed with 2 computers and some hardware equipment, they are considered to be one of the most innovative and daring Live acts in town. 

Seeing how Diego's involvement with music can be traced back to his early childhood, way back before he even thought about pursuing a music career in Europe, it's easy to understand Diego's drive to progress and reach for new heights doing what he loves. 

Discography: -

SHUC011- Fuzzyhead (SiteHolder Records) (Chicago,U.S.A) -

Seta004 El asador de Almas EP - ¨The DiF edit¨ (Seta Label) (Slovakia) -

Krema004 Trouble Dice Ep (Kremadelik Recordings) (Barcelona/Caracas) -

RSD003 MIN76 EP including remixes from Metalogic and Stewart Walker.


Copyright © 2009 by Diego Figari All rights reserved